Simulator Palm OS Cobalt

Simulator Palm OS Cobalt

Simulate and test PalmOS 6.1 from your PC

Fancy trying out Palm applications on your Windows desktop? See the latest version of the Palm OS in action with this simulator developed by Palm to run on your Windows PC.

The Palm OS Simulator is the Palm OS compiled native for Intel x86. It is the real Palm OS running on top of the Device Abstraction Layer in a Windows environment, and does not emulate hardware.

When you open the Palm OS Simulator folder on a computer, you will find the various system DLLs that make up the core of the Palm OS. In addition, there are .rom files that contain resources needed by the Palm OS. These .rom files are not the same as the ROM images used by the Palm OS Emulator.

This simulator is designed for people testing software for Palm devices, but it can be used by anyone as a 'virtual' palm machine on your desktop.

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Simulator Palm OS Cobalt


Simulator Palm OS Cobalt Release 6.1

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